My PC Partners - Company Overview

My PC Partners was started in March of 2000 out of the owner's garage. Since then our company has grown and currently we support hundreds of companies in the Greater SF Bay Area out of our office location in Brentwood, CA.

 By providing excellent service our customer base has grown purely by word of mouth. We have seen a few of our clients win accolades and even reach the Fortune 500 fastest growing companies. We base our success on the success of our clients.

Ask Us About Managed Services

My PC Partners offers Managed Services in which all IT maintenance is covered under a flat monthly fee.
This allows for you as the customer to more easily budget for your IT needs and allows us to spend the time needed to keep your system up to date and running smooth without incurring additional cost - a win for everyone! Contact Brian or Scott at 925-766-4005 for more details.